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Jaideep Singh Criminal Justice 101 Project#1 - Scenario- (Victims)- Political leader (Jim Soy) takes his family to the city fair. After one of the rides the Soy’s young daughter (Amber) gets overtly excited and runs to the next ride. On her way to the ride, however, Jim Soy loose sight of his daughter. After searching for hours, they came to the conclusion that their daughter had been kidnapped. (Suspect)- Jim James, neighbor of the Soy family, followed the Soy family from their home all the way to the city fair. Eagerly waiting in the shadow of the family, James jumped on the first opportunity to kidnap Amber. He saw that her excitement, which leads to her escaping from her parent’s sight, was the perfect opportunity for him to kidnap her. As Jim James proceeded to kidnap Amber, he soaked a towel with chloroform and placed it over Amber’s face, which made it easy for him to kidnap her. Seven Element of crime:
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