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case ch13 - 1 Lack of Extraversion 2 Lack of Agreeableness...

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Ans 1 His pairing up idea is very effective as company is doing for 40  years that helps in development of company and completing tasks  of internal employees and teaches each other. This arrangement is comfortable because paired persons can  complete work by switching one another’s tasks on weekly bases. Ans 2 The personality traits needed for this type of work arrangements  are: 1. Extraversion  2. Agreeableness  3. Conscientiousness Ans 3 Issues faced during pairing of employees are
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Lack of Extraversion 2. Lack of Agreeableness 3. Lack of Conscientiousness 4. Lack of co-ordination and familiarity 5. Lack of trust and teaching Ans 4 Randstad design employee attitude survey by: 1. Looking people who will work better with others 2. Conducting extensive interviews 3. Requiring job applicants for a half day demonstration of sales agent 4. Special question of asking applicants: What’s your most memorable moment while being on a team?...
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