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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers Summary of case Live Nation is world's largest events and live music promoter With more than 64 million people attending those events Michael Rapino is the CEO of Live Nation Their strategy is to connect artists to the fans Live Nation signed a 10 years contract with Madonna related to records Also signed contract with Shakira, Jayz and nickelback knowledge seekers Q1: What growth strategy does Live Nation appear to be using? What competitive advantage do you think Live Nation has? knowledge seekers Answer: (A) In growth strategy Live Nation is using Concentration Horizontal integration knowledge seekers 1. 2. Company is using concentration strategy by offering albums, merchandise, website and videos Company is using horizontal integration strategy by reducing competition knowledge seekers (B) Competitive advantages The key to Live Nation's growth strategy is the ability to connect to those millions of people who attend shows every year by keeping a database that includes contact information for every fan that Live Nation has ever had. Q2: How might SWOT analysis be useful to Michael Rapino? knowledge seekers Answer: The SWOT analysis would be useful to Michael Rapino in following ways He would be able to see external and internal factors. He would be able to formulate and implement an appropriate strategy. knowledge seekers Q3: Find Live Nation's most current annual report. What goals is the company pursuing? What strategies is it using? Does its strategies appear to be helping it reach these goals? knowledge seekers The pursuing goals of company are is focus on increasing profit by music operations, developing relationships with touring artist and music fans through ticketing. Live nation is using growth strategy by expanding its products, eliminating competition, owing and operating tickets. Yes, its strategies helping to reach its goals because in 2009 company promoted 2000 artists, organized 22000 concerts in 42 countries and produced 4400 live music events Q4: What do you think of Rapino's strategic direction for Live Nation? knowledge seekers We think that Rapino's strategic direction for live nation is very successful for the company. Live nation increased the number of products and services (albums videos, websites and merchandise) by using Rapino's growth strategy. We think that his strategic concepts will continue to grow and work for Live Nation. Concepts revised in case study? Q1 the concept of growth strategy and competitive advantage is used. Q2 the concept of SWOT analysis is revised Q3 and Q4 the concept of strategies is used (Growth and stability). Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers ...
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