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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers Summary of case Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company Jordan Cohen is a company's senior director Average employee spend 20 to 40% of his or her time on support work And 60 to 80% of his work on knowledge work Pfizer introduced office of the future(OOF) button knowledge seekers Q1: Describe and evaluate what Pfizer is doing? knowledge seekers Pfizer is looking for more efficient and effective ways Pfizer hired MBA staff to develop strategies and innovation Pfizer introduced OOF(Office of the future) button for employees Where employees are connected to an outsourcing company knowledge seekers Q2: What structural implications-good and baddoes this approach have? (Think in term of the six organizational design element.) knowledge seekers I think such approach have good structural implications for organization because it will save time of employees and employees could spent more time on establishing strategies and innovate new ideas. knowledge seekers Q3: Do you think this arrangement would work for other types of organizations? Why or why not? knowledge seekers Yes, I think this arrangement will also work for those other organizations who spent most of there time for the purpose of analysis of data and such organization can get unexpected benefits from this arrangement like saving of time etc. Q4: What do you think organizational structure plays in an organization's efficiency and effectiveness? Explain. knowledge seekers Organizational structure is the formal arrangements of jobs Organizational structure plays an important role in organizations efficiency and effectiveness When mangers develop or change the structure they' reengaged in organizational design. The challenge for managers is to design an organizational structure that allows employees to effectively and efficiently do their work. Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers ...
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