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CASE STUDY ch 10 - Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers...

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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers Summary of case Jim Hagedorn is the CEO of this Scott's Miracle Gro 20% of net profits of company are going to health care 3000 out of 6000 employees are overweight Onequarter employees smokes Hagedorn implemented a wellness program knowledge seekers Q1: What do you think about Hagedorn's approach to controlling employees health care costs? Do you agree with it? Why or why not? knowledge seekers Yes I am agree with Hagedorn's approach. He made brave efforts to not only get its employees to eat and live well but also makes them accountable for their actions It will reduce health care cost because employees health will improve and company will need fewer medical treatments knowledge seekers Q2: What benefits and drawbacks are there to this type of wellness program for (a) employees and (b) the company? knowledge seekers (a) For employees Benefits: Employees will become healthier Their productivity will increase Drawbacks: This program is intrusive to employees knowledge seekers (b) For company Benefits: Employees will be more productive for company Employees will take less sick leaves Drawbacks: Startup cost is high Company may lose some of its employees Q3: Research company wellness programs. What types of things are companies doing to encourage employee wellness? Are there any things that you found that you might recommend that Hagedorn implement? Describe. knowledge seekers (a) Things company is doing Company is implementing certain things under CEO's Wellness Program: Company hired "health management" for primary care and fitness centers for organization He built a fitness center for his employees wellness. The clinic hired two fulltime doctors, five nurses, a dietician, two physical therapists, and a team of fitness coaches Company provides personal training sessions. (b) Recommendations Hagedron should implement the Process of asking question relating to smoking etc. during selection. Process of checking background of employee Knowledge Seekers knowledge seekers ...
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