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book review leadership is an art - Running Head Book Review...

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Running Head: Book Review 1 Book Review on Leadership is an Art Varinder kaur (1010376) University Canada west Professor: Shawn Ireland MBA504 Strategic Leadership 10 May 2011 Introduction In this book max presented the idea of leadership as an art, he believe in the idea that giving freedom to people for the task which is required from them by using the best possible and
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Book review 2 effective way, he is an person who make realise to his key personnel about their hidden potentials and how to work best of their ability and capability, in other words he is as a “servant” for his followers which will make best of everything for them to handle. Leaders have to plan a lot of things before hand and he should have a clear vision regarding all the facts and figures and more clearly about the role and rules which are in row with human nature. Confidence is the most essential thing which should be with a leader because it will help in “encouraging contrary opinions” and “to abandon themselves to the strengths of others”. His book also shows a spark of compendium ideas about organisational leadership as ideas forms basic deadline for responding the ideas and aspirations of the followers. The world is full of talents, skills and gifts and it is our duty that we should understand that it is due to the presence of diversity which enable us to think that every one holds importance and is being needed, and it gives a purpose to the organisation about the corporate life and fundamental difference between goals and rewards. Understanding leadership “The whole concept of leadership revolves around reality and truth, and what is important is whether the followers are able to meet their potentials or not. It is rightly said that “the measure of leadership is not the quality of the head but the tone of the body”, (Max De Pree, 1989). Four key elements to leadership are: Maturity: There is some level of maturity which is within a leadership it may comprise of responsibility, self worthiness, equality etc. Corporation rationality:
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book review leadership is an art - Running Head Book Review...

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