Problem Set 5

Problem Set 5 - Problem Set # 5: "Hominin"...

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Problem Set # 5: “Hominin” Evolution 1. The term “hominid” is usually used to refer to species in the line the leads to modern humans after the divergence  between that line and the line that leads to modern chimpanzees. A. Why is the term “hominid” cladistically indefensible? Because all apes are pongids. B. Draw a cladistic diagram of the modern apes and use it to illustrate your answer to question 1A. C. What global-scale forces are thought to have set the stage for the hominin/pongin divergence? One of the global-scale forces that are thought to have set the stage for hominin/pongin divergence is the new savanna and woodland habitats which led to new kinds of food becoming available, resulting in the new hominin chewing apparatus. Another is, forests shrunk. 2. Hominins are recognized by five derived traits (or suites of traits). A. What does the word derived mean in this context?
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Problem Set 5 - Problem Set # 5: "Hominin"...

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