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Chapter 1 Managment

Chapter 1 Managment - Chapter 1 The Nature of Management...

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Chapter 1: The Nature of Management Controlling : Regulating the work of those for whom a manager is responsible,  including: Setting standards of performance in advance Monitoring ongoing (realtime) performance Assessing a completed performance Results of the control process (evaluation) are fed back to the planning process  Directing is the process of influencing other people to attain organizational  objectives: Motivating others Interacting effectively in group and team situations Communicating in support of others’ efforts Management is a process that involves: Assembling and using sets of resources Acting in a goal-directed manner to accomplish tasks Activities carried out in an organizational setting. Organizing involves paying attention to: The structure of relationships among positions The people occupying those positions Linking that structure to the overall strategic direction of the organization Planning: Estimating future conditions and circumstances Making decisions based on these estimations about what work is to be done: By the manager By all of those for whom she or he is responsible  Figurehead: attending ceremonial activities Leader: influencing or directing others Liaison: contacting others outside the formal chain of command
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Monitor: seeking information to be aware of crucial developments Disseminator: receiving and sending information Spokesperson: representing the views of the unit for which he/she is responsible Entrepreneur: exploring new opportunities Disturbance-handler: acting as a judge or problem solver in conflicts among  employees Resource-allocator: deciding how resources will be distributed Negotiator: making accommodations with other units Demands- Activities or duties that must be carried out. Standards or levels of  minimum performance that must be met.
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