communication and negotiation

communication and negotiation - COM MUN ICATION AND NEGOT...

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Unformatted text preview: COM MUN ICATION AND NEGOT IAT ION Key terms Collaboration: part of negotiation in which parties work together to attack and solve a problem. Communication: the process of transferring information, meaning, and understanding from sender to receiver. Communication networks: identifiable patterns of communication within and between organizations, whether using formal or informal channels. Cultural distance: the overall difference between two cultures basic characteristics such as language, level of economic development, and traditions and customs. Decoding: the act of interpreting a message. Downward communication: messages sent from higher organizational levels to lower levels. Empathy: the ability to put yourself in someone elses place and to understand his or her feelings, situations, and motives. Encoding: the act of constructing a message. Ethnocentrism: the belief in the superiority and importance of ones own group. Formal communication channels: routes that are authorized, planned, and regulated by the organization and that are directly connected to its official structure. F rames of reference: existing sets of attitude that provides quick ways of interpreting complex message. Gatekeepers: individuals who are at the communication interface between a separate organizations or between different units within an organization, [Type text] I nformal communication channels: routes that are not prespecified by the organization but that develop through typical and customary activities of people at work. Lateral Communication: messages sent from lower organization levels to higher levels of an organization....
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communication and negotiation - COM MUN ICATION AND NEGOT...

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