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SOC100 – Fieldwork Assignment FIELDWORK EXPERIENCE INSTRUCTIONS For this activity, you will be doing fieldwork, just like Ehrenreich. You will spend 15 to 30 minutes walking around adjacent commercial and residential streets in two different Chicago neighborhoods: Kenwood and Logan Square. We highly recommend but do not require that you travel to these neighborhoods in groups of three or more, and do your observations in the same places. You shall do this to experience doing sociology as the second half of two different classes. In each neighborhood, try to use your body as a video camera. Think about the following as you observe both neighborhoods: What do the homes look like? Do people seem to congregate in their front yards, their back yards, or on public space? What kind of commercial establishments exist? How are the people dressed? How would you describe the people you see? Think about the lectures about social class, what social class do you believe lives in each of these neighborhoods? How can you tell?
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