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gender violation - The Social Construction of Reality...

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The Social Construction of Reality DIALECTICAL RELATIONSHIP- Individual  Society Society Individual Parents influence children. People follow rules because they want social approval. Female Body Labor What defines females beautiful? Depends on decades. Consists of diet, clothes, shoes, shaving, etc. Social construction of women Women do not have to do this, but they choose to. There are men body labor, also-gym, hair, etc. Individuals Society Social movement- globalization, equal rights movement, etc. *You cant change the world until you know it. * How we are is because of people from the past. Social Construction Marriage in Western Societies-expected to stay married for a lifetime. Because of divorce, the meaning of marriage is changed. Mormonism is normal for majority of society. (?) *Meaning of marriage is constructed by society. IMPLICATIONS FOR PERSONAL AGENCY Individuals  Society Social Change Today-social movements Religion-positive or negative? Animal Rights- animal fighting-positive or negative? MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Driving Healthcare-how it works or doesn’t Eating-obesity How is SOCIETY organized? CULTURE STRUCTURE Social Structure- The pattern of both individual and group behavior which results from the process of social interaction. How we live-it is what we do. Filled with many positions and not individuals. Social Role- Positions within social group which carries expectations of others for any individuals who fills it. Example-Mom, Dad, Teacher, etc. Norm- Expected behaviors and obligations attached to role positions, not the same everywhere. Change over time. Example- Parents have to provide safety for their children.
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Role complaints- employee needs a boss, aspects that complaints a social role. Example- Parents need a child. Cannot exist without the other. Role conflict- arises when the norm and expectations built into two different roles, occupied at the same time, conflict in their behavioral prescription. Example- a women being a mother and business women. (She works until 5, but she has to pick her daughter up at 3 and drop her off at practice.) If you are good at one role, you cany be good at another. Culture- Learned beliefs about how and why we follow our social structure, shared by members of the society and transmitted from one generation to another. People didn’t break laws because of culture. We want to follow rules our society has laid down for us. (Doesn’t feel right) Multipotentiality- Capacity to learn any and all cultural arrangements. What parts of culture stay with a person No answers, but lots of questions. Ethnocentrism- Belief that one’s own culture beliefs are the only possible moral values.
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gender violation - The Social Construction of Reality...

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