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quantitative assignment

quantitative assignment - How do sex race and age affect...

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How do sex, race, and age affect the experiences of Americans? Can they affect areas of social life such as education, income, or political ideology? In order to answer such questions, you will rely on a slightly modified version of the 2006 General Social Survey to complete the following tasks in the program PASW. The General Social Survey (or GSS) surveys non-institutionalized, English-speaking, adults in America every two years, to attempt to gain an understanding of the American social landscape. To fit this assignment to your interests, you will be able to pick a demographic question as your independent variable, which may “cause” meaningful differences in the dependent variable (the “effect”) you select. Additionally, you will then check to see if the pattern occurs among all values of another demographic variable or if they only happen for certain groups, by “controlling” for that variable. Here are the possible demographic variables you may pick from for independent variable (the cause) and control variable : Name Label Race_3 Race, three categories SEX RESPONDENTS SEX Generation What generation does the respondent belong to? Here are the possible dependent variables (the effect) you can pick from: Name Label DEGREE RS HIGHEST DEGREE RINCOM06 RESPONDENTS INCOME POLVIEWS
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