Syllabus - Sociology 100 Introduction to Sociology Summer...

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Sociology 100 Introduction to Sociology Summer 2011 SYLLABUS INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY Sociology 100 COURSE OBJECTIVES This class has three main objectives. The first and primary objective is to help you develop a sociological imagination, and to understand how the social construction of reality has implications for your everyday life. This includes you discovering just a little bit the thrill of doing sociology. Second, you will build your analytic skills, as well as learn how to express yourself both verbally and in writing, and will do that primarily in the sections where you will be taught by your instructors. Finally, we hope you will learn about American society, especially about social inequality. Our first main goal is that we hope you leave this class with an understanding of the social construction of reality. This class is designed to help you understand a sociological framework. We will not be using one textbook, but rather, a variety of sources that will help you understand the world around you. To study sociology, however, is unlike many subjects because we deal with topics like social class, poverty, gender, and racial inequality that don't just exist "out there" for us to study but are part of our daily experience. We all bring with us a set of meanings and assumptions that must be interrogated sociologically. This class will help you look at society beyond the safe lens of a textbook. We must look at ourselves, at our identities and behaviors and try to understand how our attitudes and behaviors have been influenced, even shaped, by the world around us, and decide consciously whether we want to perpetuate or challenge the expectations we have inherited. We are a part of society and shaped by it, but are also in the process of making tomorrow's world. We hope to share with you just a little about how to "do" sociology and not only read about it. Our second goal is to sharpen your analytic skills. A college education, whatever your major, should teach you to carefully identify important issues and to independently integrate information. A college degree should indicate that you can express your ideas, both verbally and in written form. Therefore, we expect you to read the assigned material promptly and be ready to discuss it when called upon in class. We will have short unscheduled “pop” quizzes in the lecture hall.
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Syllabus - Sociology 100 Introduction to Sociology Summer...

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