Processing - patient(those that are currently active in our system When reprocessing several for the same patient “Spacebar Enter” will

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Processing Interface Errors (The Old Exception Report) Under Dispensing Machine, choose “Process Errors.” On the “From Date,” choose “T-1” then enter through and type in “E” for Errors, and F12 to pull up the list of errors. Once the list is compiled, look for errors made at machines that begin with “AE.” These are the errors we process. To reprocess an error, highlight the errors to be reprocessed (can hold down the shift key while choosing to select multiple errors at once), then click on the R button in the top left-hand corner of the error list to begin reprocessing the errors. Problem: Patient not found Reprocess – Under Acct#, type in the patient’s name and F12 to find the correct
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Unformatted text preview: patient (those that are currently active in our system). When reprocessing several for the same patient, “Spacebar Enter” will automatically populate the fields. Problem: Unable to match transaction to existing RX Reprocess – This is generally a credit. Under RX#, type in the patient’s name and select the correct patient. The patient’s profile will then come up. Scroll down to the orders with *DC at the end and match the MED description with the order. Problem: MED is inactive There should not be a lot of these, but if there are some, look up the Medi-Tech mnemonic to replace the HBO one with. Or, go to the console to look up the drug by the med station, drawer, and pocket numbers....
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