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Scott Jones (8196115) 5/21/07 M 3-3:50 Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 6: Hominin culture 1. The first culture is called “Oldowan.” A. What are the manifestations of the culture? The Oldowan culture left behind very simple tools made from stones. The stones show clear signs of being chipped on purpose and not just from erosion B. When and where does it appear? The Oldowan toosl first appeared about 2.5 mya. It first appeared in the Awash region of Ethiopia and many other areas of Africa. C. Whose culture was it? The culture was most likely Australopithecus garhi because animal bones with the marks made from stone tools were found at the same site as the fossils of A. garhi. D. Were they right- or left-handed, and how can you tell? They were most likely right-handed. We can tell this by the direction of the flakes they made when making stone tools. E.  Is there any evidence about what Oldowan tools were used for?  Explain.
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