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Mind and Body_Outline - Mind and BodyWhat is the Mind/Body...

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Mind and Body--What is the Mind/Body Problem? Be sure in  answering this question you discuss ontology, Cartesian Dualism and  his arguments for Dualism, and other dualist attempts to solve the  mind body problem.  Then discuss the major contemporary  materialist theories of consciousness in detail, explaining how they  attempt to solve (or dissolve) the problem. How do  The Matrix and  Stargate: SG-1 address the mind-body problem? Explain specific  scenes from these works of science fiction in answering this  question. Dualism: in general, the distinction between mind and body as separate substances, or very different kinds of states and events with radically different properties. Materialism: the metaphysical view that only physical matter and its properties exist. Such intangible entities as numbers, minds, and ideas are really properties of physical bodies. To talk about energy, for example, is, in a way, to talk about physical potential; to talk about minds is, as a kind of shorthand, to talk about behavior; to talk about ideas is, in a misleading way, to talk about the various structures and interrelationships between objects. Numbers have no existence of their own but only represent sets of sets of objects (the set of all sets of eight things is the number eight, for example). Materialism has always been a powerful worldview in modern scientific culture. It is also the most common view amonf the pre- Socratic philosophers. Casual Interactionism:
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Mind and Body_Outline - Mind and BodyWhat is the Mind/Body...

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