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Suggested 1 Outlines for Midterm Epistemology I. Introduction A. Definitions: Epistemology, Knowledge, Etc. B. Schools of Thought: Skepticism, Rationalism, Empiricism II. Descartes A. Hyperbolic Doubt B. Cartesian Skepticism C. Descartes’ Rationalism III. Hume A, Hume’s Fork B. Analysis of Causation C. Humean Skepticism IV. Kant A. Revision of Hume’s Fork B. Synthetic A Priori Knowledge C. Kant’s Faculties D. Noumena and Phenomena V. Epistemological Themes in Films
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Unformatted text preview: Self I. Intro A. Essence B. Identity Over Time II. Descartes III. Locke IV. Hume V. Kant VI. Criticisms of theories VII. Epistemological Themes in Films Mind/Body Problem I. Intro A. Ontology B. What is The Mind Body Problem? II. Dualist Solutions A. Causal Interactionism B. Parallelism C. Occasionalism III. Materialist Solutions A. Identity Theory B. Eliminative Materialism C. Functionalism IV. Epistemological Themes in Films...
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