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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Essay Exam Questions For your midterm exam, you will be required to write on one of these three questions (Epistemology, Self, Mind and Body). Questions will be distributed randomly, and you will not get a choice of which question to answer. Therefore, be sure and prepare to answer all three, as you won't know which one you'll get. Essays should be between 4-5 single spaced handwritten pages. You will have 80 minutes to take the exam. Preparing for this exam: Focus on assigned readings from Chapter 3, 4, 5. Here are some key terms to use: For the epistemology question, you must discuss--Rationalism, Empiricism, Cartesian Skepticism, Hyperbolic Doubt (Senses, Dreams, Evil Genius), Humean Skepticism (causation, self, substance), relations of ideas/matters of fact, Kant's theory of knowledge (faculty of perception, faculty of understanding, synthetic a priori knowledge). For the self question, you must address the problems of identity (is the self permanent? what is the nature of the self) and then give expositions of the theories of identity (is the self permanent?...
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