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Fin 317 Final 1 Corrected

Fin 317 Final 1 Corrected - Commerce Bancshares Inc...

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Commerce Bancshares Inc. 1 Introduction It is a Missouri Based, Registered Bank holding company which offers a wide array of services, like services of finance which includes sections like business as well as personal banking, wealth management, estate planning and management businesses too (E. F. Brigham, 2009). Commerce Bancshares operates in around 360 locations all spread over Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and etc. which services customers from around 206 full service branches, and a network of around 406 ATM centre. It also offers variety of delivery platforms, including an expansive ATM network, fully featuring internet banking, and a central contact centre too. All these services are core customer services which make this bank a huge success. The shares of common Bancshares are listed in the stock exchange of NASDAQ, an American Stock Exchange. The company has issued shares to the tune of 86,788,322 shares which are tradable in the NASDAQ market. The shares are traded in the name of CBSH and its market price as of today is 41.49 (Commerce Bancshares,Inc.: NASDAQ:CBSH quotes & news - Google Finance , 2011). Where they are traded The industry type in which Commerce Bancshares operates is Financial Service sector and too be specific, in banking operations. Its industry era is huge as it serves millions of customers and corporate firms too. Its relative size in the industry is well poised. It is one of the market leaders in the list after BOK Financial Corp. Its total Market Cap is 3.61 Billion just 0.02 billion lesser than its leader (Yahoo! Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News., 2011). Still it holds an important place among the list as its operations are widely spread and it has a good brand name too.
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Commerce Bancshares Inc.
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Fin 317 Final 1 Corrected - Commerce Bancshares Inc...

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