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Practice Questions for Quiz 3 1. a. Open spreadsheet “examples for quiz3”. Using data question 1, test between a linear, a quadratic, and a cubic model. b. Predict y for x=1.5 using the best model. c. Predict y using observation 12. What is the error in your prediction? 2. a. Using data for Question 2, Estimate a model that predicts a person’s wealth as a function of their gender, retirement status, and income.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Test whether the gender and retirement status can be dropped from the model using an alpha=0.10. c. Predict wealth for a male, earning $2,000 per week, who is not retired. 3. Using the dataset from question 3, test whether X2 and X3 have the same impact on Y suing an alpha=0.05. b. Predict y for x2=3 and x3=4....
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