Lab 1 - Laboratory 7 Bending and the Modulus of Elasticity...

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Laboratory 7 Bending and the Modulus of Elasticity Prepared For: Sudan Chatterjee, CEE 370L Department of Civil Engineering University of Nevada, Las Vegas Prepared by: Jesus Campuzano Date Laboratory Performed: February 27, 2009 Date Submitted: March 6, 2009 1
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Abstract The objective of this lab was to be able to find the stress of the materials in order to find the Modulus of Elasticity . The stress was derived from the bending stress formula. When the analysis was concluded, the results showed a slight bending moment on all of the materials being tested. The percentage error for this lab was not high and all appropriate measures were taken to reduce errors. Introduction Beams have a tendency to bend when there is a load applied to it. This lab showed the different load testing ranging from 400 grams to 1400 grams. The applied loads caused the initially straight member of the materials to deform into a cured shape. In this lab, we were not able to notice a bending moment. In the bending of the material, the longitudinal strain that occurs in the beam varies in proportion to the fiber's distance from the neutral surface of the beam. The variation of normal stress acting on a transverse cross section can be determined from a stress-strain curve for the specific material used to fabricate the beam. For most engineering materials, the stress-strain diagrams for both tension and compression are identical in elastic range. 2
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Lab 1 - Laboratory 7 Bending and the Modulus of Elasticity...

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