Benefits of Training HMD 103

Benefits of Training HMD 103 - Christina Bates HMD 103...

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Christina Bates HMD 103 10/06/08 Benefits of Training 1. Employee Job Satisfaction: I believe the most important benefit of training is making sure the employee who just got hired, loves what they do and is happy about the job they just received. Remember, delivery of service is only as good as the employees who do it, so if the employee isn’t happy about their job at hand how are they supposed to express that to the guest. 2. Level of Employee Self-Awareness: This is number two on my list simply because the employee is the start of good service. In order to love what they do, they must know who they are and why their doing it. Trainers must empower each employee to set main goals for themselves and find out how they want to succeed, everyone is unique so finding out who each employee is and what they like is essential to proper training. 3. Improvement in Employee Attitudes: Again everything starts with the employee and moves on from there. So it’s your job as a trainer to set the employee on a good path and a good attitude for work. You want them to love the company they work for and love what they do. If they have a negative attitude towards their job,
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Benefits of Training HMD 103 - Christina Bates HMD 103...

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