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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Engineering 7 – Spring 2009 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Instructor: Professor Rector Lab 13 (Extra Credit Lab 2) [10 pts] Topics : Numerical Differentiation [Regression, Interpolation, Root Finding] Assigned : Thursday, 05/07/2009 Due : Thursday, 05/14/2009, 12:00 AM Type : Take-home WARNING ABOUT THIS LAB: This is an EXTRA CREDIT lab, so studying more for the final should take precedence over completing this lab. Obviously there will be very limited GSI aid for this lab, and this lab is designed to be more difficult than previous labs. The purpose of increasing the difficulty level is to test your ability to synthesize topics from previous labs and implement different programming techniques learned throughout this course. You will find that methods from previous labs will be very useful, particularly the Root Finding and Regression lab. In contrast to other labs, we have not provided any outlines for the proper code needed to complete the questions. There are numerous ways to arrive at the answer, so you may use any technique or programming method you see fit. You will also find that several steps are involved in solving these problems, so you don’t necessarily need to write 1 giant script that will solve the problems (but you can if you want to!) The grading for this lab will be solely based on your output. That being said, there is no need to paste your code into your lab report, unless you find it helpful for explaining your solution or for partial credit.
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