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Chapter 7 Consumer Memory: a personal storehouse of knowledge about products and services, shopping and consumption experiences. It reflects or prior knowledge. Retrieval: the process of remembering or accessing what we have stored in memory. Sensory memory, stored temporarily, echoic;stuff we hear, iconic stuff we see Short term memory; encoding experience interms of existing knowledge; forms; discursive in terms of words, and imagy interms of sensory form. MAO; is high, then short term memo consists of extensive thinking like day dreaming MAO is low, only a simple reproduction of an image. Characteristics of short term: limited (only a certain amount can be stored) and short lived unless its transferred to long term memo. Long term: part of memo where info is permenantly stored for later use. Types; autobiographic or episodic info about ourself and past, semantic memo, not personal, memory of a general concept To enhance memory: chucking, putting info into related groups, rehearsing; actively reviewing info, recirculating
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simply rrepeating info, elaboring; thinking of it deaper and relating to past info. Semantic association, a set of associations in the memory that relate to a concept, to factors of the semantic network affect how well w remember 1) trace strength: how much the info relates to the category, the stronger the relation the easier to remember 2) spreading activation; the retrieval of one info can activate the retrieval of another. (this is under retrieval) Prime: activating a memory without conscious awareness. Failure to retrieve or remember, decay: trace strength fades away because the memory has not been used for a long time, interference when the info is so closely aligned that one cant remember which feature go with which brand. (similar info all stored in ur mind about cars)
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Chapter 7 notes - Chapter 7 Consumer Memory a personal...

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