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Richard Lew 672466694 Lawrence Chang Lady Hyegyong’s Filial Duties The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong consists of four different works written by Lady Hyegyong describing what happens in the palace/court . Lady Hyegyong was an 18th century Korean aristocrat who goes through a lot during her time in the court . Not only do things happen to her husband, Prince Sado, but also to her natal family as well . Based on the events that took place, one may see that the relationship of her filial duties to her marital family was better than those to her natal family at the beginning . At the very start, Lady Hyegyong obeys her natal family without question . Her parents allowed her to marry Prince Sado at the age of nine and she did not question this at all, even though she was pulled from her loving family and placed in a strange court . This makes one question about her duties to her husband . The relationship never began with love so she would not love him as much as her natal family . Not only, but some of her actions later on also makes one question about her filial
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