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Ideal Samurai vs. Actual Samurai Life Musui’s Story is an autobiography written by Katsu Kokichi, a samurai during the Tokugawa Era in Japan. During that time, Japanese society was split into four different classes and samurais were supposed to be on the top. Samurais were loyal warriors that had a code of honor that they followed. However, because Tokugawa united Japan and brought peace, the samurai class was useless. Therefore, the actual life of samurais was much different from the idealistic samurais during the Tokugawa Period. Samurais are supposed to live by the Bushido Code. According to the code, samurais should honor their parents and superiors, instruct descendents, and have good behavior. Katsu, however, did not follow this code at all. He did pretty much the opposite. When he was young, he always fought with other children and stole from his mother. Because he considered committing hara-kiri, a way for a
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