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75.) Yelu Chucai – (1189-1243) chief advisor to genghis khan; became a vigorous advisor and administrator of the early Mongol Empire in the Confucian tradition; instituted several administrative reforms like separating civil and military power and introducing taxes and levies 76.) khitan – nomadic people; originally located in Mongolia and Manchuria from 4 th century, dominated vast area of northern china by 10 th century, destroyed by mongol empire in 1218 77.) yuan dynasty – (1271-1368) one of 4 completely sovereign and independent khanates; first ruled by Kublai khan; mongol empire that took over china; considered continuation of mongol empire in histography of Mongolia but considered to be a dynasty b/w song and ming in histography of china 78.) kenmu restoration – (1333-1336) name given to both the 3 yr period of Japanese history b/w kamakura and muromachi period; restoration made by emperor go-daigo to bring imperial house and
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