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Richard Lew 672466694 Lawrence Chang What makes a good ruler, in Confucius’s view? A good minister? There are different kinds of leaders in the world. For instance, rulers and ministers. When one thinks about what it takes to be a good ruler, they think about what that person has done to help everyone else. If he helps them become successful and prosperous, then he would be considered a good ruler. In a sense, a good ruler needs to have good leadership skills. Confucius, on the other hand, believed that in order to become a good ruler, it wasn’t based on what that person has done for everyone, but the qualities of that one person. According to Confucius, a good ruler must be like a gentleman. He has to be virtuous, just, and honest. The ruler does not necessarily need to lead well, but just needs to be a good role model. “He who rules by virtue is like the polestar, which remains unmoving in its mansion while all the other stars revolve respectfully around it.” (2.1) This teaching states that as long as the ruler is always
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