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Gender in The Death of Woman Wang The book The Death of Woman Wang is a bunch of stories and events compiled by Jonathon D. Spence about a poor rural county in northeastern China called T’an-ch’eng. This compilation details the trials, troubles, and inequality of the daily life of Chinese commoners during the mid-17 th century. Gender also had a great role on a person’s life. Even though men and women were both affected by the many concerns at the time like earthquakes and bandits, men still dominated the society and family while the women were inferior and treated unfairly. In terms of the law and family, women were always inferior to their male counterpart. Chinese society had many customs and laws ensure the significance of being a loyal and “virtuous” woman. Women were expected to be completely loyal and obedient to their husbands regardless of how the husband treats her or whether she is content. In this book, Woman Wang’s act of disobedience automatically made her a criminal. She “was classified as a fugitive and subject to a
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