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Michael Boykin 1/31/11 Business Plan Far East Trading Company 1.0 Executive Summary Far East Trading Company (FET) imports exclusively handmade rugs by artisans from all over the Far East. The firm's main office location is Portland, Oregon, and has a customs house broker in Seattle, Washington. FET quality products are unique and exclusive, and its target consumers are women with upper-middle to upper-end incomes. FET's competitive edge is that the products are 100% handmade, unlike competitor's products. By this fact, the firm hopes to attract people that value the artistry of producing silk ruggs. Since FET products are mostly silk rugs, it considers itself to be in the home improvement retail market. For the starting year 1998, the company plans to attract manufcturer reps and retailers to distribut the products by attending the Weaver’s trade show in Chicago, Illinois. This trade show is where suppliers of slk rugs and other woven products and buyers meet and arrange deals to sell the product. FET projected sales are approximately $1.1 million by the end of the first year of operation. Also during this year, FET plans to open an exclusive home furnishing shop for our product in Seattle at the Fifth Street Public
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COSC1301_Fundamentals1_Starter1 - Michael Boykin 1/31/11...

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