Week 6 Employment Regulations Jeena Cao

Week 6 Employment Regulations Jeena Cao - Running head:...

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Running head: EMPLOYMENT REGULATIONS Employment Regulations Jeena Cao ACC/543 March 19, 2011 Tom Benscoter 1
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Employment Regulations Beth is a salesperson who was hired by the security alarm sales company as an at-will independence contractor. On her way to a sales call, she hurts herself and could not make it to her sales appointment. She failed to notify her employer and lost the sale. She was fired from the company and decided to sue. The purpose of this brief is to analyze the formation, rights, authority, and termination of agency and employment relations. The legal rights and responsibilities of each party in this case will be examined base on the facts given in this situation. An explanation of significant employment regulations affecting and protecting, both the company and Beth will also be provided. Formation of an Agency A principal is the party who hire another individual to represent him or her and the party who agrees to represent the principal is an agent. The principal-agent relationship is known as an agency. An agency is “formed when an employer hires an employee and give that employee authority to act and enter into contracts on his behalf” (Cheeseman, 2007, p. 452). There are four ways an agency can be formed, express, implied, apparent, and by ratification. Express agency is when the principal expressly hand over the authority to the agent. Implied agency occurs when
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Week 6 Employment Regulations Jeena Cao - Running head:...

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