business without boundaries and Why does this matter if you are managing AIS

Business without boundaries and Why does this matter if you are managing AIS

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This week, we discussed what the term business without boundaries means and why does this matter to the AIS team. During this discussion, I’ve learned that this term refers to the development of business across the globe. This subject lead to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which currently is a problem for Americans. American companies are becoming more favor to the practice of outsourcing because it saves their companies money and this causes Americans’ employment rate to increase. This discussion was so interesting to me and it was the subject I’ve learned the most about this week. We also discussed about the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and how it is used to manage assets by tagging and identifying mobile objects. We talked about managing audio and video files and what things AIS needs to pay extra
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Unformatted text preview: attention to. Beside that, we discussed about the AIS, HR, and the hiring process. Whether if it’s mostly done application is done automatic or paper based. Next, we talked about the Fundamental roles of AIS and agreed that the successfulness of management of AIS is all about information. I also learned how to make and use flowchart to assist us in making decisions regarding the company’s processes such as payroll or inventories. Discussion table is also a useful tool when it comes to making company’s decision as well. Another subject that interest me this week is the importance of hard copies of documents. This week had a lot of useful and interesting information discussed in our forum, and it’s a plus when personal experiences from other classmates was added....
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