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Week Three is all about data, databases and data structure. Data and information are the lifeblood of AIS and for business. To begin this week's discussion. ...why is the storage of accounting data important to AIS? One of the reasons is because most companies depend on the accounting information stores in the AIS to make financial business decisions such as investment. Another reason is when individuals such as investors who wants to look for historical financial information from a certain company, the information stores in the AIS is the primary tool they can turn to. So the storage of accounting data is critical to AIS and it’s important that those information are accurate as well. Importance of databases in AIS data be store properly but also organized efficiently. How data bases are stored logically is the data hierarchy. Concurrency – We do uses a concurrent database at work, Quickbooks. Our CPA firm is pretty small, so there are only about three of us that uses it and we uses it to
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Unformatted text preview: record financial information. All three of us have access to it at the same time, but we usually don't update the same account at the same time, so we don't have any problem. But I would think that concurrent databases can have conflicts in larger companies with a huge amount of employees using it at the same time. Database adminstrator- Essentially, the main role of a database administrator has to do with overseeing the installation and ongoing function of software on a system designed for use by a number of users, so I would think that all business who uses databases have an DBA. My company consist of about 10 employees and we do have a DBA. I do believe this role can exist in small companies, but it depend if the owner of the company wants to hire for such a position or not. Economic events impact the financial statements and AIS of a company and business events impact a company's value add proposition....
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