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week 4 summary - discussion was most helpful for me I can...

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This week, we discussed internal control and risks. We talked about physical access, which is actually being there to touch the computer and any of it’s components, and logical access, which does not required the user to be in the same site as the computer. To go in dept, we also discussed different ways to prevent loss of data from both physical and logical access such as computer facility controls; and setting up and changing passwords frequently. We talked about internal controls and whether we have good or bad internal control at our work. Personal, my office have a pretty good internal control where we backed up our data daily and we have an IT administrator available at all time during office hours. We had discussions about the COSO report's five basic components as well. The information I’ve learned about input controls in this week
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Unformatted text preview: discussion was most helpful for me. I can use that information to suggest it to my boss to help my company input data more accurately and error free because we do not have effective input controls. We should review the data by more than just one person before recording. Also, because we are inputting the data manual, we should create a procedure to follow and help employees identify, correct, and reprocess rejected data to avoid recording inaccurate information. I really think my company could use these suggestions. Private and public key cryptography are brand new to me. Thanks to this week discussion, I was able to identify which type my company uses, which is the public key encryption....
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