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University of Phoenix Material Pivot Table Example There are varying formats for pivot tables; however, this example has been provided in order to allow students to begin considering the various formats of pivot tables and advantages that may stem from each. Department Code Item Data Total 10 8947125 Maple Candle Small Sum of Amount 143.64 Sum of Quantity 36 8947125 Sum of Amount 143.64 8947125 Sum of Quantity 36 9451726 AppleButter Candle Large Sum of
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Unformatted text preview: Amount 72 Sum of Quantity 12 9451726 Sum of Amount 72 9451726 Sum of Quantity 12 94568723 Vanilla Bean Candle Small Sum of Amount 339.15 Sum of Quantity 85 94568723 Sum of Amount 339.15 94568723 Sum of Quantity 85 335489361 Strawberry Fields Candle Medium Sum of Amount 479.04 Sum of Quantity 96 335489361 Sum of Amount 479.04 335489361 Sum of Quantity 96 10 Sum of Amount 1033.83 10 Sum of Quantity 229...
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