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acc545_r4_student_roadmap_week3 - ACC/545 Student Road Map...

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ACC/545 Student Road Map Week Three—CPA Exam Review Road Map CPA EXAM REVIEW ROAD MAP The CPA Examination Review Practice website helps you practice for the CPA exam. This website enhances your problem solving skills by testing your knowledge of concepts and skills related to AICPA content requirements. The immediate feedback in the website creates opportunities to improve specific areas, reinforcing information that you will use throughout your program. CPA Examination Review Practice Instructions 1) Access Wiley CPA through the link on the student website. 2) Start the Wiley CPA Examination Review. 3) Select Auditing and Attestation . a) If this is your first time using the Wiley CPA Examination Review, the Answer filename field should say New File. Use the following format to create your new filename: Course#_LastName_FirstInitial_Date(MM/DD/ YY)_Week#_AA. For example, the filename for John Smith completing his first CPA Examination Review of Auditing and Attestation (AA) in week one for course ACC/545 on October 1, 2010 is ACC/545_Smith_J_10/01/10_Wk1_AA. This will be the name of the file in which your answers are stored. b) If you would like to access a previous file, click the drop-down menu on the screen and choose an answer filename you have created. The program will then ask you if you would like to start from where you left off earlier. Select Yes to continue a previous exam. c) Once you have chosen your filename, select Study mode. 4) Click Start . 5) Click the plus ( + ) sign next to the Multiple Choice Questions folder.
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a) Click the + sign to open the Engagement Planning folder. (1) Select a question (ex ENPL–0001). (2) Click Add Selected Question . (3) Add 31 more questions of your choosing in this manner for a total of 32 questions from the Engagement Planning folder. b)
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acc545_r4_student_roadmap_week3 - ACC/545 Student Road Map...

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