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Argument Credibility Peer Review

Argument Credibility Peer Review - Peer Review"Could Middle...

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Peer Review: “Could Middle Eastern Turmoil Hamper Recovery?” Do you think your classmate accurately identified the claims? Explain your answer. My fellow classmate did an outstanding job identifying the key points of the story he or she reviewed on Yahoo.com News. However, I would suggest always submitting assignments to WritePoint prior to submission, the tips, and writing suggestions are very helpful (an example would be “more or less” as a confusing statement). Also even though numbering the claims does assist in properly identifying them, writing in an essay manner is much more pleasing to read. Your classmate has compared the claims against his or her personal observations; how do the claims agree or conflict with your own personal observations? How are the observations made by you and your classmate the same or different? Unfortunately, while reading the analysis of the article, I could not determine the student’s personal observation. He or she did not make a direct statement in regard to how they feel about the claim within the
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