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Argument Credibility - Running head ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY 1...

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Running head: ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY 1 Argument Credibility Angel Bingham CRT/205 June 28, 2011 Dane Schnarr
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ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY 2 Argument Credibility Family: Man Paralyzed After Arrest http://www.news4jax.com/video/28377399/index.html What claims are being made? The family of Anthony Wright claims that a record of events involving the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office led to him being paralyzed. A local medical professional claims a broken neck, a punctured lung, and paralyses are possible from a bicycle fall. However, the family suspects a police cover-up. Do the claims conflict with your personal observations? After watching the video and seeing the family react to the situation, I choose to side with the medical professional. Growing up in an urban area, there were numerous times when local drug dealers were running from police officers. There were also many times when the criminals injured themselves. If this gentleman would have fell and scrapped his knee or broken an arm, I am confident the family would not be attempting to place blame on the local justice system.
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