Assign week 2 - These articles were very upsetting. People...

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Unformatted text preview: These articles were very upsetting. People have become far too dependent upon oil and we should not be continuing to drill for it. Drilling for oil is not good for the environmnet and it removes homes from wildlife by destroying their habits. We have become so dependent upon oil that many people do not even know that we spend millions of dollars to import foreign from other countries. Mnay people argue that controlled drilling saves wildlife, but it doesnt. Any type of drilling has the potential to destroy wildlife and this is not something we should tolerate, even for oil. With the gulf spill, we have an example of a controlled oil drilling process which will still destroyed wildlife. The controlled site caused the major spill which reached many different habitats which ciexisted with other habitats and contributed to the way the aerth functions and...
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