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A. Lab #1 B. Lab Type: Application Server Experimental C. Lab Title: Simple Relationship Diagrams D. Date Developed: 10/01/2004 Lab Developer/Campus: William McClure. DeVry Dallas Date Revised: Lab Reviser/Campus: E. Desired (Lab) Learning Outcome: After completing the lab, students should be able to successfully identify the processes required to develop a simple relationship diagram showing the 1:M relationships between identified entities. F. Solution: 1. Identify the foreign keys and draw a relationship diagram for the simplified Order Entry database. The CustNo column references the Customer table and the EmpNo column references the Employee table. For each relationship, identify the “1” table and the “Many” table. Ans: In the relationship diagram, primary keys are separated and noted by the PK and foreign keys are noted by a FK. The arrow head denotes the one side of a relationship. CIS336 - Lab Solution
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CUSTOMER PK CustNo CustFirstName CustLastName CustCity CustState CustZip CustBal EMPLOYEE PK EmpNo
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