cis336_lab_2_solutions - FK1 Emp_ID FK1 JobType_ID...

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A. Lab #2 B. Lab Type: Application Server Experimental C. Lab Title: Complex Relationship Diagrams D. Date Developed: 10/10/2004 Lab Developer/Campus: William McClure, DeVry Dallas Date Revised: 03/2007 Lab Reviser/Campus: William McClure, Dallas E. Desired (Lab) Learning Outcome: After completing the lab, students should be able to successfully identify the processes required to develop a complex Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) showing both relationships and cardinality between identified entities. CIS336 - Lab Solution
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F. Solution: Employee PK Emp_ID PK,FK1 JobType_ID Emp_LName Emp_FName Emp_PhoneN Employee Type PK JobType_ID Type_Desc Hourly_Rate Register PK Register_Num Log_In_Time Log_Out_Time
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Unformatted text preview: FK1 Emp_ID FK1 JobType_ID Deliveries PK Delivery_Num Time_Emp_Left Time_Emp_Returned FK1 Emp_ID Receipt_Num FK1 JobType_ID Location PK Location_ID Aisle_Num Side Shelf_Num Product PK Product_ID Product_Name Package_Size Product_Cost Qty_Hand Last_Purc_Date ReOrder_Min FK1 Location_ID Customer PK Cust_Num Cust_FName Cust_LName Cust_Address Cust_PhonN Applies to / Has a Logs In / Logged Delivers / Delivered Is in / Is for Sale PK Sale_Receipt_Num Sale_Date_time FK2 Cust_Num FK1 Delivery_Num FK3 Register_Num Made for / Has a Is for / Has a Sold_Items PK,FK1 Sale_Receipt_Num PK,FK2 Product_ID Item_Price Qty Ard of / Has is of / is for has / is of...
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cis336_lab_2_solutions - FK1 Emp_ID FK1 JobType_ID...

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