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Assignment #3 Schneider National Lofgren supports a conflict that has an optimal level and a functional type. The reason for this is that an optimal level of conflicts allows a group to be viable, self- critical, and innovative. They should be able to solve their own problems within the group whether it is work related or personal. These types of groups don’t need a manager to make sure they are on task, since they already have the tools at their disposal to solve any obstacles in their way. There is normally a lot of conflict among each other, since everyone is trying to get forth their ideas on how to best perform a task. In a functional group members will eventually start to collaborate and come to a compromise about what decision to carry forth. The transition in leadership from Don Schneider to Lofgren was relatively conflict-free, since Schneider had a hand in picking out the successor. An attempt was also made to create a knowledgeable group that would be even better than Schneider by
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