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Ve373 Design of Microprocessor Based System Homework 1 Assigned: April 14, 2011 Due: April 21, 2011, by 10:00am The homework should be submitted electronically 1. What components does a typical MCU contain? (5 points) 2. What makes an MCU different from a general-purpose microprocessor? (5 points) 3. Explain the concept of Memory-Mapped I/O. How is the concept related to SFR? (10 points) 4. How many registers does PIC32 CPU core have? What are they used for? (10 points) 5. What does PIC32 coprocessor0 do? (5 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What peripherals does PIC32 have? List at least 10. (10 points) 7. How is Virtual Memory translated to Physical Memory in PIC32? (5 points) 8. Describe the differences between kernel mode and user mode in PIC32. (10 points) 9. Describe how to partition Flash Program Memory and Data SRAM. (10 points) 10. Write a PIC32 assembly program to copy integer array A to integer array B. Assume the array size is 10 for both arrays. (30 points)...
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