HW4 - SYSCLK = 8 MHz(20 points 3 In Problem 2 find out the...

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Ve373 Design of Microprocessor Based System Homework 4 Assigned: May 5, 2011 Due: May 12, 2011, at 10:00 am. The homework should be submitted electronically to SAKAI. Submission should include a word document as well as all the source codes. 1. When a timer is configured in the Gated Operation Mode, why do we have to be concerned about the timing characteristics of TxCK? What are the timing requirements T2CK has to meet when it’s used for Gated Mode? (10 points) 2. Write an executable C program to generate 10 msec delay using timer and timer interrupt. Assume
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Unformatted text preview: SYSCLK = 8 MHz. (20 points) 3. In Problem 2, find out the interrupt latency caused by prologue. This may be done by tracing the timer value when stepping through the corresponding disassembly listing, or any other ways you want. (20 points) 4. Write C programs to measure the length of high level of a random input digital signal by using: a. Gated mode of a timer b. Change Notice Assume software counter is not needed. Represent the length in terms of PBCLK. (50 points) 1...
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