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Ve373 Design of Microprocessor Based System Homework 6 Assigned: June 9, 2011 Due: June 16, 2011, at 10:00 am. The homework should be submitted electronically to SAKAI. Submission should include a word document as well as all the source codes. 1. Summarize the differences between UART, SPI, and I 2 C communication methods in terms of advantages and disadvantages. (10 points) 2. Given F PB = 8 MHz, configure UART1A to generate a 2,400 baud rate. Configuration should make sure the difference between desired and actual baud rate is minimum. Is the minimum error within allowable tolerance range? Explain your answer. (15 point)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. This problem is based on Problem 2. Write an embedded program in C to configure UART1A to transmit 100 bytes at 2,400 baud rate, assuming the 100 bytes are defined in a one-dimensional array. Create a DMA channel for the data transfer from memory to UART. (45 points) 4. Write a data structure in C to implement a receive message buffer for the CAN module. The format for CAN received message should be used. Write a snippet of C code including the receive message buffer data structure to continuously copy each data byte of received CAN message to the lower 8 bits of PORTA. (30 points) 1...
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