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Attorney's Ethical Responsibility CheckPoint

Attorney's Ethical Responsibility CheckPoint - reduced...

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If I was a defense attorney for Sy Kopath whom admitted to me that he broke into a couple’s home and tortured and killed them it would be difficult. To be honest I know it would take a toll on my emotions because I am perfectly human. First off, I would fight for the fact that he was not read his Miranda warning because I think that is mandatory in all cases so the suspect is aware of their rights. Moreover, he is still my client and has the right to attorney so it would be my job to defend him as best as I could. Due to the fact that he is certainly guilty I would see what I could work out as far as a guilty plea because that would be his best option to get a
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Unformatted text preview: reduced sentence. My answer would be different if I believed my client was innocent or I was un-sure if he committed the crime or not. Emotions always come into play for me so it would be very difficult to ignore those and the fact that he admitted the crime makes it even more difficult. I think I would be more passionate towards getting an innocent man off such a horrific crime rather than trying to get a guilty man off. Off course as mentioned it was my first big case so I would hope that it would start to get easier to separate emotions from the clients that I have to defend seeing as it is my job....
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