Axia- Com 220- Bias, Rhetorical Devices & Argumentation

Axia- Com 220- Bias, Rhetorical Devices & Argumentation...

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Com 220- Bias, Rhetorical Devices and Argumentation After watching this speech from “Citizen Kane” I did find that there was bias in his speech. He used some political bias when talking about the promises made by Mr. Getties (the other politician running). I also found that he used fallacies in his speech; though out the whole speech Mr. Kane uses “Ad hominem” to attack the character and campaign of Mr. Getties. He uses “Scare Mr. Kane does use a lot of rhetorical devices to lighten up his speech and to make his opponent look bad. His whole argument seems fueled by outrage and he uses “Hyperbole” to exaggerate the “evil & villainy” that is Mr. Getties; by doing this he is also using dysphemism’s to defame Mr. Getties’ character and campaign. He uses “Metaphor’s” in comparing his hope in being elected next to Mr. Getties’ chance of being elected and Mr. Kane makes use of “Alliteration” though out his speech to make it sound
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