Ethical budget and Ethical Analysis Performance

Ethical budget and Ethical Analysis Performance - crises...

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Ethical budget and Ethical Analysis Performance In analyzing the budget for Guillermo, it is clear that it has not been a good year. That is a unfavorable variances that is significant to the operating cost. A decrease in the hourly and salaried wages and benefits would go a long way to decreasing Guillermo’s operating costs. The increase for the Guillermo’s cost in the low-end furniture is also a major culprit. To see a profit they must lower the operating cost, but increase his revenue from the high-end furniture. This should allow the company to improve its budget performance during the next business cycle. Ethics in the workplace can help ensure that when leaders are struggling in the times of
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Unformatted text preview: crises and confusion, they retain a strong moral compass. Being a independent company Guillermo did not have to relish the ideas of being acquired by a large competitor, only to retire as the new company that will squeeze every peso they can out of the overhead costs. Guillermo did not intend to expand his management responsibilities by acquiring another organization. This decision can affect the time that he spend with his family in a way that he would not enjoy. The cost of technology was immense, and also the reduction in the labor that will be needed for the production....
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