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Discussion Week 6 Humn 432

Discussion Week 6 Humn 432 - Discussion Week 6 Humn 432...

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Discussion Week 6 Humn 432 What do you think utilitarian theory tells us about the morality of such questions as abortion, capital punishment, or euthenasia? Is utilitarian theory helpful in deciding these questions? Or would Kant's rule--the Categorical Imperative--be more helpful in this regard? Does Rawl's theory of justice provide a solution? I think that utilitarian theory does not apply in the country we live in because there is so many people will sell out their own family to make a profit in this country. I would say depending in what class of society you are in the United States, has a big role in how a persons is moral and ethical. I find that when you have a society like the United States all these theories might apply to different parts of the United States but not as a whole. I think more than ever it is harder and harder to find people with a moral and ethical since of what is right and wrong. You see this in politics’ all the time, they will say whatever you need to hear to get elected. Here
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