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Week 7 Discussion Humn

Week 7 Discussion Humn - Week 7 Discussion Humn Given the...

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Week 7 Discussion Humn Given the current state of energy use, which continues to grow exponentially in such countries as China and India, what measures can the United States and other Western countries take to produce more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly fuels? What other sources of energy could be developed to solve the energy crisis? What can the individual do to alleviate this crisis? In looking at the energy crisis we face in today’s society and future generations to come. There are things that can be done today to help create safe and reliable energy and save some natural resources also. Living in Arizona and driving around neighborhoods you will see solar panels on top of houses as a way to save energy costs. There are a number of wind farms in the Midwest and in California that help produce clean energy. I saw this article about a study that has been working on at MIT for a number of years might began to pay off. The new energy source is making energy out of nanotechnology. The first
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